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places nearby

You are not far from several interesting cities and close to places that you can pleasantly discover.
Only in our municipality, that of Pescaglia, if you want you can visit:

Menicone Mill Museum
It is the only water mill left intact and functioning among those in Pescaglia.
The instrument has retained old stone mills, 19th century wooden gears and old work tools.

Chestnut Museum
The museum documents the importance of chestnut, food and raw material, in the life and work of the Lucca hinterland.
Little Theater of Vetriano

The smallest theater in the world
Seventy-one square meters of miniature beauty with all the elements of the Italian theater.
It is part of the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest public historical theater in the world.

Puccini Museum of Celle
Here, the well-known Italian composer, Giacomo Puccini and his family spent vacation periods.

Our position is optimal to reach some pearls of Tuscany:


Just 11 km, is one of the most famous art cities in Italy. Of Roman origins, it is famous for its historical monuments and its walls that surround the entire city center.
Throughout the year there are events of all kinds, for all tastes. Among the most famous: the Lucca Summer Festival, between June and July, with performances of national and international singers; Lucca Comics, between October and early November, is the largest Italian cartoon show, attracting thousands of fans every year.


About 20 km, part of the province of Lucca, very well-known for the Carnival is also a destination for seaside tourism, like the whole coast.


At 130 km, in 1995 with its characteristic historical center, it has been declared a World Heritage Site.


At 90 km, considered the place of origin of the Renaissance and is universally recognized as one of the cradles of art and architecture, as well as renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

a Mozzano

At 27 km, you can admire the Maddalena Bridge, which is best known as the Devil’s Bridge for an ancient folk legend. It is an imposing work that crosses the River Serchio with three asymmetrical arcades. At the end of October, for the Halloween party, this village is filled with about 40,000 visitors every year.


At 32 km, known for its Leaning Tower, located in Piazza del Duomo, better known as the Piazza dei Miracoli, declared a World Heritage Site in 1987.


An area of the province of Lucca offering a wide variety of landscapes. Among the many possibilities, you can visit Castelnuovo di Garfagnana with its Rock or one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, or take a trip to the Natural Oasis of Campocatino, where Pieraccioni’s film “My West” was filmed. It is also possible to visit the Cave of the Wind, located in the mountain range of the Apuan Alps. For the more adventurous, the town of Vagli offers several attractions including the Angel Flight and the crossing of the Tibetan bridge suspended on Lake Vagli, known for its submerged countryside.