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Prices are in Euro per night for accommodation and inclusive of VAT.
The number of people is divided into adults and children under 12 years.

Low Season High Season
Corbezzolo 2 people 85 € 100 €
Ulivo 2 people 90 € 105 €
Acacia 3+1 people 95 € 110 €
Mimosa 3+1 people 95 € 110 €
Quercia 3+3 people 105 € 120 €


The amount includes electricity, water, gas, internet wi-fi, bed linen, towels, table linen, use of the pool, barbecue, pizza oven, firewood and ping-pong table

The final cleaning cost of the accommodation is included in the rate, provided that it is left properly, with dishes and clean cooking hob. Otherwise a 50 € surcharge will apply.

On request, sweet Italian breakfast buffet with our jams and local bakery products, to be made the day before for the next day, at a cost of € 8 for adults and children from 13-17 years,   € 4 for children from 4 -12 years and free for children from 0-3 years.

Upon request and availability it is possible to check-in after 8.00 pm, a penalty of 10 € will be applied for each subsequent hour.


Closing Period: from 8 January to 28 March and from 12 to 30 November

Low Season


High Season


Prices during Holidays and / or Long Weekends will not increase and will be the same as the season they are in.


Here are the Terms of Booking, Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy


between 2 pm and 8 pm


10:00 am

Art. 1 – Booking and Payment
Booking is made in writing and can only be considered valid if confirmed by us.
It must contain a name, the date of arrival and departure, the total number of days, the number of occupants (defining if there are children under the age of 12), if known, the name of the desired apartment and data of Your credit card.
Credit card details will be used to pre-authorize and if the requirements of Articles 2 and 6 of this Regulation occur.
Agriturismo Il Pino reserves the right to check the validity of the credit card before the arrival of the Customer requesting a pre-authorization to the circuit belonging.
With this operation, the Farmhouse guarantees the temporary availability of the amount for the first night to make sure that the credit card is valid. No amount is collected.
Pre-authorization expires automatically and the amount is released, with a time varying from 20 to 40 days, from the date of your request, depending on your credit card holder.
Alternatively, at checkout, the customer may decide to confirm the Pre-Authorization by charging the amount definitively, then securing the difference in cash or by credit card.
In the case of a Negative Pre-authorization, the customer will be warned and will have 24 hours to provide the details of a new credit card or check the available balance of the one already reported.
In the event of a customer’s failure during the above mentioned times, the reservation will be canceled. In this case, the Farm will have no obligation towards the customer.
Guests are advised to send specific requests prior to arrival so that any curiosity or need can be met if possible.
Payment can be made on the spot, cash or ATM / credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Postpay) or by bank transfer.
Payment can be made at the booking confirmation, or at any time of the stay.
Any extra and non-reserved services will be paid by the day of departure at the reception.
At the time of payment, an invoice is issued, in accordance with the law.

Art.2 – Cancellation Policy and / or Modification of Reservation – Penalty Clause
The Customer may cancel or modify the booking without penalty with a written request within 15 days of the scheduled arrival date.
Changes to the booking will only have valid effects if it is confirmed by the Management.
If the reservation is canceled with a notice received in the times described below, Agriturismo Il Pino may charge a penalty for the credit card provided at the time of booking, as a percentage of the total amount of the booked stay:

  • Up to 15 days prior to arrival, no sum will be charged.
  • From 14 to 7 days prior to arrival, 30% will be charged.
  • From 6 to 4 days before arrival, will be charged 70%
  • 3 days before the expected arrival date, the full amount will be charged.

In the case of no submission without notice, the Customer will have to pay the full amount of the stay, and the Management reserves the right to cancel the reservation and give the third party the availability of the reservation.
In the event that the entire stake or part has been paid in advance, it will be returned or retained in the manner described above.

Art. 8 Behaviour
Guests are required to behave in a manner consistent with civic coexistence; And respect for the elementary norms of good education and public decency.
Particularly in hours of rest, attention has to be paid to avoid any kind of noisy noise and everyone can enjoy the best of relaxation and tranquility.
It is forbidden to throw any objects in toilet water that are not toilet paper.
Any type of malfunctioning of equipment or internal devices, please promptly inform the Management.

Art. 9 – Animals
Your pets are welcome, as long as there is no disturbance and / or danger to guests.
We inform you that a dog and several cats are already present in the facility.
Throughout the facility are available at various points, bowls for watering your animal.
If your 4-legged friend has an orally transmissible disease and you are aware of it, please kindly inform the Direction and make sure that your animal does not use the bowls in common.
Dogs must be kept on leash in all property except the accommodation, with its private terrace if it had.
Waste should be pick up and disposed of by animal owners.
It is forbidden to go up the animals on sofas and beds.
For hygienic reasons, dogs can not access the pool tub.
Please do not leave your pets unattended in the accommodation.
For the safety of all guests and pets present, it is imperative to close the gates after your passage.
Where a closed dog is present in the private terrace, it is forbidden to access it except with the permission of the owner of the animal.
The Management declines any responsibility for the behavior of your animal.
Any damage to things, people and other animals will be directly imputed to you and then charged.

Terms and conditions - Cancellation and or Modification – Penalty Clause

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